Blackpencil Suites Long Stay Living

[CLIENT MARWIN | DEVELOPMENT | ARCHITECT falkenberg architekten] Blackpencil Suites stands for long-stay and stands for temporary living. Changing the working world requires a flexible living solution with a comfortable hotel service. Commercial Living // New Construction // ROI 18% // Investment Opportunity // JVA … Continue readingBlackpencil Suites Long Stay Living

A growing Gold Exploration Mining Company

[CLIENT INDONESIA] We plan to raise $5,000,000.One unit at $0.15 with a 2 year warrant at $0.25 The funds will mainly be used to explore the Banjar claims near Banjar Indonesia. The Geologists have plotted drill sites based on the site investigation. This area may … Continue readingA growing Gold Exploration Mining Company

New, large residential portfolio in Western Germany

[CLIENT GERMANY] As part of a Share Deal, a high-yield residential portfolio  is for sale. the initial yield is 8% and has an increase potential of approx. 2% +. The portfolio is divided into three districts, in a region of Western Germany.

[CLIENT GERMANY] COCO SPACE #1000 Apartments CO-Living

COCO SPACE believes that “amazing things can happen when people come together”. Our mission is to mix together like-minded individuals under one roof – aligning our international residents with internationally minded locals. We expanded the definition of a hotel to make it a platform where … Continue reading[CLIENT GERMANY] COCO SPACE #1000 Apartments CO-Living